Web-ul depaseste ziarele in Europa / pe cand in Ro?

Octombrie 10, 2006 la 9:46 pm | Publicat în advertising online, Cool Online, online media | 3 comentarii

Deschidem pariurile: pe cand in Romania?

Articol „cald”… de aici (n-am rezistat sa nu-l re-postez)

Web overtakes newspapers in Europe

Mon Oct 9, 11:16 AM ET

The Internet has overtaken newspapers and magazines as Europeans’ main source of news and feature-type information, according to a new study.

But television continues to be the dominant medium for most people, with Europeans spending three times as much time watching programmes as going online, said the report by JupiterResearch.

On average, Europeans spend an average of four hours per week online, compared to three hours reading newspapers and magazines, it added. In 2003 they spent only two hours a week online.

„The fact that Internet consumption has passed print consumption is an important landmark for the establishment of the Internet in the European media mix,” said JupiterResearch’s vice-president Mark Mulligan.

„This shift in the balance of power will increasingly shape content distribution strategies, advertising spend allocation and communication strategies in the European arena,” he added.

The main factors affecting Internet use are age and broadband access, said the report, entitled „European Media Consumption Consumer Survey 2006”.

So for example France, which has the highest rates of broadband household access, also registers the highest average hours spent online whereas Germany ranks lowest in both cases.

But Germany has the highest weekly TV consumption time at 14 hours due to widespread availability of free-to-air multi-channel TV. The lowest consumption rate can be found in Italy, Spain and Sweden.


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  1. 2008!
    Sunt optimist sau pesimist?

  2. Când îmi voi lua informaţie proaspătă şi de încredere din bloguri 😉

  3. informatia din bloguri e mai de incredere decat cea de pe site-uri. din motive evidente.

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