MTV face pasul in Second Life

Ianuarie 30, 2007 la 10:51 am | Publicat în Cool Online, online media, SecondLife | 2 comentarii

Articol proaspat, de aici

Explorable 3-D versions of MTV’s shows may not be enough to give the
network the cultural cachet it had in the Reagan era. But the trend is
clear: Kids will do more and more of their networking and socializing
in 3-D spaces like VLB and

“All you could do on MySpace is leave comments and emails,” says
Luvley. “This is the virtual world. You can walk, talk, play games,
meet people instead of searching for them. Like any other community,
you have cliques, people you trust, people you dislike. It’s pretty
much the same as real life, I would say.”

Mark Wallace ( writes about virtual worlds at He contributed to the Second Life travel guide in issue 14.10.


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  1. dar vad ca-ti place second life :)) si eu mi-am facut un cont imediat dupa articolul din cotidianul, dar nu am patruns in lume… sunt implicat in prea multe comunitati si nu am timp de toate, dar gasesc noutatile aici la tine 😛

  2. O a doua viata … e o idee buna … desi nu e o camasa si prima viata imi ocupa tot timpul … nu sunt probabil in target … ce anume te-a atras pe tine Aura acolo?

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