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August 24, 2007 la 10:48 am | Publicat în advertising online, Management, online marketing, online media | Lasă un comentariu

O strategie excelenta a revistei Vogue USA – aceea de a oferi advertiserilor din publicatia tiparita si expunere pe site-ul proaspat lansat ShopVogue.TV.

THE September issue of Vogue arrives on newsstands today, clocking in at a record 727 advertising pages. That “extra-extra large!” size, as the cover proudly proclaims, is more than 100 pages fatter than last year and seems to provide evidence of a healthy appetite for print advertising in the fashion industry.

cover_vogue_190.jpg shopvoguetv.jpg

Most of those pages were sold with the added value of an Internet feature that Vogue is introducing today: a broadband channel that aims to serve as both an entertainment destination and a shopping Web site.

The feature, ShopVogue.TV, offers links to purchase the products featured in the magazine’s print ads, while simultaneously showing videos of runway shows, fashion ad campaigns and serial shows created by Vogue. The channel will also have a user-generated component, with visitors encouraged to upload photos of their own fashion looks in an area designated Fashion U Share. [more]

Astfel, in plina era a razboiului intre media online si offline, Vogue demonstreaza cu inteligenta ca internetul si presa scrisa sunt medii complementare si impreuna pot fi foarte profitabile.


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