Mark Deuze despre joburile din Media

August 31, 2007 la 3:18 pm | Publicat în Management, online media | Lasă un comentariu

How does the shift toward a more participatory media culture impact media workers?

Deuze: It challenges a fundamental element of their professional identity, which generally is built on the very notion that there is an attentive audience somewhere.

Once there is no more audience – or just „people formerly known as the audience,” as NYU professor Jay Rosen puts it – that puts a pretty big dent into your sense of purpose. I don’t think that many professionals in the industry have truly dealt with this shift.

How will media workers be different in 10 years from now?

Deuze: Globalization will only increase. This includes runaway production in film and TV, outsourcing in digital games and advertising, and subcontracting newswork in journalism. It will most definitely open up the labor marketplace for regions all over the world to compete with established media industries in, for example, the U.S., India and the U.K.

It will also mean that everyone’s job will be on the line constantly, as media corporations can shift their entire production workflow to another part of the world if the local conditions or tax incentives are better there.

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