Va lansa Google o lume virtuala pe platforma G.Earth?

Septembrie 24, 2007 la 7:31 pm | Publicat în internet 3D, lumi virtuale | 1 comentariu


later edit:

Google’s Virtual World could be business answer to Second Life

Google’s venture could be competitive right out of the box. That’s because My World – the expected name for the venture – won’t be starting from scratch. It will likely be cobbled together from a bunch of technologies already in existence at the company, including Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google SketchUp for 3-D modeling.

Google testing „My World” for launch later this year

Rumors of Google’s plans to create a virtual world that rivals that of Second Life have popped up once again over the weekend. The company could now be collaborating with Arizona State University to test the 3D social network, which may be tied into Google’s current applications of Google Earth and Google Maps


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  1. Va lansa Google o lume virtuala pe platforma G.Earth? .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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