Armani – magazin virtual in Second Life

Septembrie 26, 2007 la 6:53 pm | Publicat în internet 3D, lumi virtuale, Management, online marketing, second life, SecondLife | Lasă un comentariu

Dupa recenta alianta Armani-Samsung, designerul italian isi anunta intrarea oficiala si Second Life. Via Reuters:

MILAN (Reuters) – Fashion designer Giorgio Armani has opened up shop in Second Life, with a store modeled on his flagship location in Milan, his company said on Wednesday.

The silver-haired Armani will send his avatar to celebrate the opening of the virtual store, and he will be interviewed in the virtual world by fashion Web site’s fashion director Candy Pratts Price on September 27 at 1.00 pm Eastern Standard Time (6 p.m. BST).

“Finally, I can really be in two places at once,” said the ever-busy designer said.

Second Life residents will be able to buy virtual Armani items with Linden dollars or connect directly to his recently-launched online store for non-virtual vestments.

Armani, known worldwide for his elegant fashions for women, has already diversified into a range of other sectors, including home furnishings and hotels.

He announced on Sunday a joint venture with Samsung Electronics for a sleek, black mobile phone and eventually other home electronics, including a liquid crystal display television designed with the South Korean firm.


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