Cum e sa faci greva in SecondLife?

Septembrie 26, 2007 la 6:20 pm | Publicat în comice, SecondLife | Lasă un comentariu

Asta e prea tare! Din tara grevelor vine – adica din Italia – unde se pare ca a devenit sport national!

IBM workers led by those based in Italy are due to launch their “virtual” strike at any time, but union officials are warning Big Blue workers to be careful about how, when and where they use their avatars as pickets.

Mai fascinant:

Picketing IBM properties in the 3D online world of Second Life should be done on employees’ own time – and on their own computers. Otherwise, IBM workers could face some real consequences.

In a show of solidarity, the American organization AFL/CIO is calling on its members to download a strike kit and join SL to protest with the Italians.

Care-o fi smecheria sa faci greva in Second Life, in timpul tau liber, si de la computerul de acasa? Nu mai bine te joci?


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