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Decembrie 11, 2007 la 2:26 pm | Publicat în jocuri, Links, lumi virtuale, realitate virtuala | Lasă un comentariu

Din Wired Magazine:

When Reality Feels Like Playing a Game, a New Era Has Begun

Of course, the basics of gameplay — competing against opponents, setting records, winning prizes — are as old as human civilization. But the gaming mindset has now become pervasive. We use game models to motivate ourselves, to answer questions, to find creative solutions. For many, life itself has turned into a game. Our online lives are just twists on the videogame leaderboards, where we jockey to get our blog a higher rank on Technorati and compete to acquire more friend-adds on MySpace than the next guy.

How did we end up with a world we play like a game? It’s no historical coincidence that gaming ascended right along with the rise of the information age. As the ever-rising flood of new data threatened to inundate our lives, we developed tools to organize all that information — sort it, filter it, cut it, mix it. Desktop editing apps let us manage our data, but they also let us manipulate it. As we got better at controlling pixels and bits, games became a handy metaphor. And more than a metaphor. Like a Sim city come to life, we’ve moved from a society that creates goods to one that solves puzzles.

As Broderick’s character in WarGames asks the computer at one point, „Is it a game, or is it real?” The computer, which has now taken on a human identity, replies, „What’s the difference?”


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