Exodul catre lumea virtuala

Decembrie 12, 2007 la 5:52 pm | Postat in internet 3D, jocuri, lumi virtuale, realitate virtuala | Lasă un comentariu

„Vad un uragan apropiindu-se. Se cheama practic realitate virtuala… Exodul oamenilor din lumea reala, din viata de zi cu zi de acasa sau de la birou va determina o schimbare atat de puternica a climatului social, incat problema incalzirii globale ni se va parea o simpla furtuna intr-un pahar cu apa.”

Din noua carte a lui Edward Castranova – Exodus to the Virtual World, How Online Fun Is Changing Reality

exodus-bun.jpg „Virtual worlds have exploded out of online game culture and now capture the attention of millions of ordinary people: husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, workers, retirees. Devoting dozens of hours each week to massively multiplayer virtual reality environments (like World of Warcraft and Second Life), these millions are the start of an exodus into the refuge of fantasy, where they experience life under a new social, political, and economic order built around fun. Given the choice between a fantasy world and the real world, how many of us would choose reality? Exodus to the Virtual World explains the growing migration into virtual reality, and how it will change the way we live–both in fantasy worlds and in the real one.”


„Everybody knows that video games make you a nerd who sits in your mom’s basement eating pizza and avoiding all contact with girls. Right? No. Not right. When we play games at our home, we play them together. The thing that makes me a nerd, that makes me eat pizza and avoid all thought of girls and love and life and family isn’t games, it’s work. Everybody may know that work is good and games are bad. But everybody can be wrong. too.”

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