Banca Mondiala se intoarce in Second Life

Noiembrie 3, 2008 la 3:49 pm | Postat in internet 3D, lumi virtuale, online marketing, second life | Lasă un comentariu
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Dupa ce anul trecut a testat capacitatea spatiului virtual lansand raportul anual Doing Business, Banca Mondiala se intoarce acum cu raportul pe 2009.

„It turned out to be a rewarding effort. Some 700 Residents from 100+ countries visited the Doing Business presentation venue in Second Life. Another 1,000 tuned in to the live audio broadcast of the event.” spune Ramin Aliyev, reprezentantul organizatiei.

Dahlia Khalifa alias Dahlia Kharg in Second Life este purtatorul de cuvant al Bancii Mondiale si s-a ocupat de organizarea evenimentului de lansare:

„I came to realize the potential power of SL and other such mediums… namely, it is a great equalizer and a powerful outreach tool. Doing business goes on global roadshows every year after our annual report release which takes us to countries all over the world. These events typically attract up to 100 attendees. With SL, we were able to reach 1,700 all at once. This year we hope to exceed that, and I think we will.”

Mai multe despre eveniment plus un video gasiti aici.

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