„Internetul 3D ne va schimba viata”

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Spune Mr. Duranske, scriitor si avocat, autorul lucrarii „Virtual Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Virtual Worlds” intr-un articol din Wall Street Journal.

„The allure of the 3D Internet is easy to see. What auto maker would be content to put 2D pictures of a new SUV on its Web site when it can offer buyers a virtual, first-person drive down a snowy mountain road? What sculptor will want to display 2D photographs of her work when she can invite collectors on a guided tour of her virtual sculpture garden?

No privately held virtual world is going to end up in sole possession of the 3D Internet, just as no early 2D „walled garden” network provider like Prodigy, Compuserve or AOL owns the 2D Web today. A number of industry groups are working on open 3D standards. As soon as one of these gains widespread acceptance, anyone will be able to build a virtual world that is connected to any other similarly coded virtual world – just like HTML now allows anyone to create a 2D Web page that is connected to any other 2D Web page.

If current trends hold, the Internet will evolve into a 3D space, and virtual worlds will become an integral part of human communication. Real life will never be the same.”

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What kids learn in virtual worlds

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Un chip in cap

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Da, sunt inconjurata de prea multe gadgeturi, device-uri, baterii, incarcatoare si cabluri. Visul meu? Sa apuc ziua in care va fi posibil sa-mi pun un chip direct in cap…

Se pare ca momentul nu e chiar atat de departe, conform unui articol BBC recent, un inventator american prezice ca pina in 2029 masinile si oamenii vor „fuziona”, folosind implanturi in corp destinate imbunatatirii inteligentei si sanatatii.

brain.jpg „Vom avea nanoboti inteligenti care vor merge in creier prin vasele capilare si vor interactiona direct cu neuronii biologici. Nanobotii ne vor face mai destepti, ne vor imbunatati memoria si vor permite accesul automat la realitatea virtuala prin intermediul sistemului nervos” a declarat Ray Kurzweil, unul dintre cei 18 influential thinkers alesi de US National Academy of Engineering.



WOW. Abia astept!

CIA descinde in Second Life

Februarie 9, 2008 la 2:56 pm | Publicat în articole, internet 3D, lumi virtuale, realitate virtuala, second life, SecondLife | 1 comentariu

The CIA has created a few virtual islands for internal use, such as training and unclassified meetings, government officials said.

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– Five people leading the industry into the future

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