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Wordle este o aplicatie simpla care extrage cuvintele cheie din site-uri sau documente si le afiseaza grafic intr-un „cloud” personalizabil. M-am jucat putin cu el si iata ce-a iesit introducand adresa blogului:

Paul Neave – un designer interactiv de exceptie

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Neave.com este spatiul „de joaca” al unuia dintre cei mai inventivi designeri web ai momentului – Paul Neave. Englez din Manchester, Neave experimenteaza cu Adobe Flash exploatand capacitatile programului in aplicatii vizuale utile sau amuzante. De exemplu Flash Earth permite explorarea planetei folosind imagini satelitare din surse multiple, cum ar fi NASA, Microsoft, Yahoo! Maps sau OpenLayers si are peste 1.500.000 vizitatori lunar.

Alte aplicatii interesante: Planetarium – permite navigarea in spatiul cosmic cu detalii despre planete, constelatii si distanta fata de Pamant; Imagination – o unealta ce creeaza imagini abastracte in functie de miscarea mouse-ului,  Anaglyph – realizeaza desene ce pot fi vizualizate in 3D cu ajutorul ochelarilor speciali sau Light – un show de lumini a carui dinamica este determinata de muzica ce ruleaza pe computerul tau. Unele au codul sursa download-abil.

Publicitate 3.0 – mix & match intre real si virtual

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Traim intr-o societate in care cuvintele de ordine sunt „personalizarea” si „amestecul”. Personalizam tot ce ne iese in cale, material sau virtual, incepind cu garderoba, spatiul si look-ul real, pina la blogul/pagina personala sau propriul avatar. Mixam muzica, trendurile in moda, sexele, gusturile si virtualul cu realitatea.

Daca pana acum publicitatea ne arata lumea in imagini perfecte, cu caracter aspirational, noile trenduri in comunicarea brandurilor marseaza pe amestecul intre fantezie si realitate, tranzitia intre lumea virtuala si reala, personaje-avatar sau efecte speciale de tip „augmented reality”. Linia intre virtual si real devine tot mai subtire.

Am scris mai demult despre campania Fiat Punto si ingenioasa idee de a inversa lumea virtuala cu cea reala.

De curind, Sony Ericcson a lansat in Japonia un nou telefon mobil pe care il marketeaza ideea de „multiple personality”. Site-ul de prezentare mixeaza imagini cu acelasi personaj in outfituri total diferite, unele  chiar avataruri ce par decupate din lumile virtuale, pentru a-i sublinia versatilitatea ca accesoriu de personalizare a look-ului propriu.

Imaginile mi-au adus aminte de campania de acum 2 ani a Campari Mixx, un spot tv memorabil, pentru ca personajele nu sunt ceea ce par a fi:

Dar ceea ce mi-a placut cel mai mult este campania HP „The Computer is Personal Again”, un amestec interesant intre testimonialele unor personalitati recunoscute mondial si efectele speciale menite sa imbunatateasca perceptia asupra realitatii:


Serena Williams:

Paulo Coelho:


Mark Burnett:

plus: Pharell,  Mark Cuban, Shaun White, Petra Nemcova, Mark Foley.

The REAL fans in a virtual world

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Fanii lui Valentino Rossi din Second Life au sarbatorit aseara victoria de la Laguna Seca:

Obiecte de arta in Second Life

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Constructia 3D in Second Life presupune ceva timp pina inveti sa folosesti interfata. Apoi intervine viziunea artistica si creativitatea autorului in a realiza cu adevarat obiecte virtuale de exceptie. Solkide Auer este, din punctul meu de vedere, un artist. Desi latura practica a obiectelor sale este oarecum de nisa – pot fi folosite exclusiv pentru decorarea spatiilor virtuale – nu pot sa nu remarc ingeniozitatea cu care sunt realizate. Daca va face placere puteti sa vizitati expozitia direct in Second Life (SLurl)

Despre autori:

Shellina Winklers Bio:
I initially joined the SL community out of curiosity; I wanted to check the potential of education in the metaverse via self-training. After looking at other avatars’ works I decided to put building first and the creation of works of art became my main goal.
I started building by chance and, once I learnt how to do it, I applied these simple rules to my creativity trying to create what my fantasy suggested while I experienced this world.
The great versatility of prims gave me the opportunity to try different forms and techniques.
At the beginning I mainly created geometrical works; later, I experienced the creation of „paintings” by the application of objects on a board thought as a canvas, using textures in order to create visual effects. In my last period I’ve studied to maximize the potential of a single prim. Through this technique I’ve tried to obtain simple works in their complexity, by using textures or merely colours.
Since then being an artist on Second Life is my main purpose. Creating „paintings” and „sculptures”, being able to exhibit in some galleries and, the last but not the least, my friends’ appreciation of my work, all allowed me to understand what it feels like living as an artist when in real life you are not.

Solkide Auer’s Bio:
Second Life has been and is for me a very important experience.
The starting effect of curiosity for this metaverse soon turned into the wish of saying something trying to create a definite personality.
Building gave me that chance, that is the ability to creating objects of any kind, from the simplest to the most complex. All that after attending some courses offered by the school of Building at Secondlearning. Later on, after exploring this metaverse far and wide, I realized I wanted to do something that would go beyond the usual rule of structures or classical framing; so I tried to express my ideas through different sculptures. I started creating geometrical shapes then I used more difficult techniques such as „the shade”, which gives the possibility to manipulate a unique prim in a very complex way. As a result I obtained unexpected and different shapes quite unlike the ones anyone can find around.
It is clear that I’ve been working hard to get this result trying to get the good ones a and long nights spent trying to understand how to frame at my best some works that could convey an emotion…. even the simplest, and that it could attract people to an idea I had in my mind or just to share my message with them.

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